Photographic Travel

An Africa Travel has a lot to give range from natural heritage including Flora and fauna means (biodiversity) and geodiversity to cultural heritage (monuments landscapes of cultural attributes, buildings, language, books, work of arts, artifacts, folklore and traditions).

Presence of these opportunities which is peculiar in the world offers various attractions and marks the best Tourist destinations in the world. Select your favorite destination activities that suite your interest.

Wildlife photographic and game viewing; we have a open safaris vehicle with clear windows guided by an experienced and knowledgeable safari drivers with smart, friendly and open minded. Game drive normally conducted early morning and late afternoon when it cooler, for animals to hunt and graze there is a greater chance of enjoying this phenomenon.

During warmer months animals can be seen around water source. For special arrangement we organize night game drive for nocturnal animals.

The best time to see a lion during sunrise. Furthermore large animals like Buffalo, Zebra, Giraffe, wildebeest, elephants are more visible all the time.